Internship Program

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Internship Program

Post by whit2309 »

What tasks do you have your interns perform while they are with you all? I am wanting to improve our internship program here in the Tenprint-Latent section. They do a good bit of shadowing the examiners and technicians but I would love for it to be a fulfilling experience that we can repeat over and over. Any suggestions or comments are welcome.
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Re: Internship Program

Post by SConner »

Whether or not you're accredited may factor into what you can allow your interns to do. If you have free reign, one thing I can think of is putting them to work taking exemplars from people. Whether applicants, court ordered, or arrestees, let the interns print as many people as they can, ink, livescan, whatever.
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Re: Internship Program

Post by jwes90 »

When my lab has interns, the intern usually works on a research project of some kind (exploring a new method or concept, a validation study, statistical review of data (like case data, how successful something is, etc), shadow some casework, work on other assignments/projects that give them a sense of what they would learn in what discipline they are interning (for latents - working on comparison exercises (usually start them on known to known stuff), learning photography and digital enhancements, taking knowns, powder and lift, latent print processing, etc.).

The interns also get a chance to see and learn a little bit about the other sections in the lab and they get a presentation on job application and interviewing tips. The interns then usually have to present at the end of their time with the lab about the research project and their internship experience.
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