The Hijack of Forensic Science

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Boyd Baumgartner
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The Hijack of Forensic Science

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Has anyone read this book?

From Amazon:
This is a story about gaslighting, message laundering, philosophical interference in science, forensic committee packing, verisimilitude and propaganda within today’s forensic science community.

Over the last twenty years or so there has been a steady push from defense attorneys, academics, and even people within the forensic community to weaken and undermine forensic science, particularly the science of fingerprints, challenging and questioning the very core of the uniqueness of fingerprints.

Their main thrust has been to deny the uniqueness of fingerprints. They have gained much progress in this endeavor, infiltrating the field with articles, in conferences, and on committees. They have garnered followers from within the field itself who now mimic their baseless arguments and preach their agenda of nonsense to the rest of the fingerprint community, in what appears to be an attempt to destroy the science of fingerprints from within.

For all their efforts, none of their claims have been proven or come to fruition in all the years since this effort begun. Though the attacks on Forensic Science continue.
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Re: The Hijack of Forensic Science

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I am on page 40 and my second yellow marking pen.
B. Orr
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