Delta Forensics online training experience

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Delta Forensics online training experience

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Has anyone known of anyone that has gone through this program and if so, what are your thoughts? ... experience

We have an agency quite separate from others in our state that is seeking to train an officer to perform comparisons and they are evaluating several options, including this one. I am unable at this time to provide the necessary mentorship that they would need at this point. Let us know if this is really worth looking into.

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Re: Delta Forensics online training experience

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We have developed 2 complete training programs now available through the Delta Forensics Virtual Academy designed to train you to casework competency. 1) The Comprehensive Latent Print Examiner Training Program and 2) The Latent Print Examiner Training Experience. Both programs are online and self-paced, and designed after the training programs I designed in my various laboratories, and considering current standards and practices. The new LPE Experience includes 12 of the Delta Forensics Courses as a part of the training program, allowing for the course certificates during the training process, resulting in 212 hours of approved certification credit. Both programs are very detailed, inclusive of recorded lectures, written assignments, practical assignments, competency testing and a live moot court. There is some more information on the main website at: ... ogram.html and the program registrations are available through the Virtual Academy at If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me at, as I am always glad to help!

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