Smiley Files goes Hollywood...

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Post by clpexco »

In a note to the Smiley Czar from a contributor:

Hi Bill,

I wanted to let you know that your web page with smiley fingerprints won an award! (I get to keep the award....sorry...ha!)

My daughter is a child actress and had a "red carpet" event Sunday at Universal Studios Globe Theatre sponsored by the Bizparentz Foundation. As part of the application procedure, the kids had to submit a "Unique Smiley Picture". Well, my daughter and I did her picture for the event, but I thought for kicks I would print and include the many smiley prints we have all submitted to you for posting over the past few years. The group loved is so much, the first asked if it was real or photoshop...and after I said real they were amazed! They showed them on the big screen at the event and gave me an award for the effort of sending them in! My prize was a year subscription to a company that allows me to track her auditions, milage etc.
But I wanted to let you know that these were well received! It was great!

Thanks for your efforts!

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Re: Smiley Files goes Hollywood...

Post by AmysTX75 »

What happened to the Smiley Files page? I cannot seem to find it anywhere anymore! I am so sad because I used to show that during our Fingerprint unit in my Forensics class and several were ones sent in by Sandra Seigel from Austin PD who taught my fingerprint class.
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Re: Smiley Files goes Hollywood...

Post by orrb »

Hey there, CLPEX Community!

Our beloved website is currently undergoing a transformation, evolving to serve you better. As your dedicated CLPEX Admin, I've been juggling a whirlwind of ideas and fresh designs to enhance our online space.

I've temporarily shelved the Smiley Files page. But guess what? It's not set in stone! If you're missing it and want it back in the spotlight, just give me a shout. Your voice matters here!

I'm also on the lookout for fresh content ideas. Got any? Drop them in my inbox! Your insights are the secret sauce to our community's growth. I am also looking for anyone who would like to post content on the blog.

Here's a little heart-to-heart: Balancing this project with my other commitments is a juggling act. So, a gentle reminder to bear with me as I navigate this journey. This isn't my full-time gig just yet, but my commitment to enriching the Friction Ridge Examination community is unwavering.

Together, let's make CLPEX more phenomenal than ever!

Stay tuned and stay awesome,

B. Orr
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Re: Smiley Files goes Hollywood...

Post by Boyd Baumgartner »

You can always search on and find old versions of the site. For some reason the Smiley Files don't appear on some cached versions but do show up on others.

Here's a way early version of the board with some of the files. ...
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